Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Biggest Winner" update

went to the gym with TJ today. hadn't been there in a few months. if you have been following my blog for a while, you know that TJ and I are having a little friendly competition called "The Biggest Winner." Tired of our slenderness, we wanted to put some weight on our frames.

TJ has pretty much dominated the competition, gaining some 10 or so lbs. He eats a steady diet of eggs, tuna, protein shakes, raw steaks, blood, nails, etc. and works out frequently. Myself on the other hand, hadnt worked out in a while, and wasn't eating all that healthy. To be completely honest, I had McDee's 3 times this week for breakfast. Which sounds gross but it might not be as unhealthy as we think!

So I get to the gym today and TJ and I go over to the scale. He steps on it, and yup, he's up 10lbs from his starting weight. The I hop on...and I lost 5 lbs? How is that even possible? Now Im not saying this to brag, because we all know the goal is to try and GAIN weight, but I ate McDonald's 3 times in a week, hadn't worked out in 3 months, and I LOST 5 lbs.

Explain that one.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

margo may

Had the opportunity to shoot with margo a few days ago. I am realizing that I am really bad at telling people different "poses" to do and what not, so I love shooting with people like margo because they just act themselves and the pictures turn out great.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


What a good Sunday. Drove to church, rain falling, ryan adams love is hell on the cd player. Thats about the perfect way to start off the day in my opinion.

So I have a new respect for this guy after this morning. His respect level was already about a 9.8 on a 0-10 scale, but now its more than that. TJ asked me a couple weeks ago to speak this morning for the youthgroup (TJ is the youth pastor at Hillcrest Blue Valley, and my roommate). It had been a while since I had spoken for a group of kids, and I forgot how much work went into a talk. I was up until about 12:30 saturday night polishing things up.

I got to church early to set stuff up, played for worship during the main service, and then went up stairs to the youth group to get everything set up. The talk went well (there were 5 kids there) and I helped take everything down and headed home, exhausted.

TJ I don't know how you do that everyweek. You are the man

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Passenger landed plane with "focused fear"

I thought this news story was pretty cool. Probably due to the fact that I day dream about this scenario happening to me quite often. Daily in fact.

(CNN) -- "A man who landed a plane with the assistance of air traffic controllers after the pilot fell unconscious and died said Monday he was "still in a daze of adrenaline."

"White recalled watching and listening as the pilot, Joe Cabuk, conducted his "climb checklist" upon takeoff from Florida. After the checklist was complete, he said, Cabuk laid his book down."

About a minute later, White told WINK, he looked at Cabuk, and "he was just sitting there."

"That's when I kind of looked at him for a minute, probably two, three seconds, and I touched him on the shoulder. I said, 'Joe! Joe!, and that's when his head rolled over to the side, and his eyes rolled back in his head, and his arm fell off the armrest ... and I knew if he wasn't gone then, he was in deep distress, but we were in trouble."

"Air traffic controllers at Miami Center helped White at first, talking him through disengaging the autopilot, turning the plane and beginning his descent. They then handed the plane over to air traffic control at Fort Myers' Southwest Florida International Airport."

"Asked about his mindset, White said, "I lost it" after landing. His emotion can be clearly heard on the recording as he told air traffic controllers in a shaky voice, "We're down, buddy. Thank you."

My day dreams are very similar except when I land the plane there are usually a few hundred thousand people awaiting on the runway to cheer me on as I walk down the stairs of the plane with my aviators on and into my limo.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. We had a great service out at HCBV this morning. I took a few shots with the camera.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love him or hate him

the man's pretty freaking talented. i wish my friday nights could look like this.

"i mean the brilliance right now, i dont know whether to fart or die..."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After going down to First Friday's last week, this article is all the more funny.

"In spring, a person's thoughts turn toward what you would rather be doing than earning a living, and in this country that means Being An Artist."

Spring has a way of allowing you to forget your worries for a while and make you want to do things you really want to. Unfortunately, spring weather and trying to graduate do not go well together. Graduation should be in the Winter so there are no other possible things you could be doing with your time.